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Originally a tradition from the Polynesian islands of Hawaii that has at its core the principles of forgiveness and reconciliation through a form of group therapy used to correct an ill amongst a tribe, the concept is more widely known today to define the principle of “no separation” between ourselves and the world around us. Choosing to see a connection between all people and all actions allows us to take 100% responsibility for what happens since there is no “out there”. The practice includes the mantra: I love you, please forgive me, I am sorry and thank you.
In this piece, the mantra has been divided in four images showing an intimate moment shared with a partner. The format is nostalgic and the words seem written with a marker on an old picture of a relationship we used to enjoy but perhaps no longer have. Each image represents one of the four classical elements: earth, water, air and fire. The intention of this work is to anthropomorphize planet Earth as a woman, a woman we had a relationship with but lost for not caring for her properly. The idea is to invite a reflection of our relationship with nature by framing the conversation into an emotionally significant, surely painful but in the end empowering experience most of us can relate to.

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