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Luis Fernando…

Believes the “less is more” approach to be true in many areas of life, including photography.

Likes symmetry and balance.

Enjoys the work of 20th century photographers such as Salgao, Erwitt, Sieff, Bitesnich, Ritts, Brandt, Avedon, Lindbergh and Cartier-Bresson.

Is taken by painters such as Klimt, Leighton, Bouguereau, Carolus-Duran, Draper, Alma-Tadema and Van Gogh.

Credits Hagia Sophia and the Pantheon as the most significant buildings he has been to and can’t really explain why.

Is fascinated by the work of sculptors such as Rodin, Bernini, Canova and Chillida.

Likes movement.

Favors Beethoven, though he can be equally moved by music performed by Bono, Manzanero, Cigala, Bowie, Vedder or Sabina.

Acknowledges but doesn’t admit to rumors that he cries when moved by music.

Believes the word sustainability to be grossly overused and highly misunderstood.

Doesn’t have a single Facebook friend.

That last statement is not true anymore. He jumped with both feet into the social media dynamics very recently to develop a closer relationship with his tribe. Lame or brilliant?

Admires the work of conservationists like Gregory Colbert, Arthus-Bertrand, Mike Fay and Wade Davis.

[Hearts] Melbourne. And Istanbul. And San Miguel de Allende.

Hasn’t owned a TV since 2006.

Habla Español.

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